Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"
Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"

Bunny Crochet Pattern & Matching Card: "Easter"

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This listing is for a physical greeting card that will be shipped to you AND a digital copy of the crochet pattern for this card, which you'll get instant access to. 

Name: Barbell Bunny

Superpower: Master of Easter Egg-ercise

Say hello to Barbell Bunny, the master of the Easter egg-ercise. With a basket full of colorful eggs and a heart full of springtime spirit, Barbell Bunny brings a festive flair to every hop and jump.

To keep Barbell Bunny soft and sweet, remember to:   

  • Cheer Champion: Spreads springtime smiles
  • Hoppin' Heavy-Lifter: Never skips leg day  
  • Basket Boss: Carries Easter fun wherever she goes.     

This card & pattern combo comes with 3 crochet pattern for:

  • Barbell Bun Bun
  • Her Adorable Headband
  • Her Workout Dumbbell 

Perfect For Crocheters Of All Skill Levels - Even Those Who Have Never Crocheted Before

Our pattern is designed to be engaging for all, whether you're a seasoned pro or trying crochet for the first time. To ensure a smooth crochet journey, we've included very step-by-step pattern with photos for each part. Plus you'll also get access to The Enchanted Stitch Academy, our online crochet school that will teach you how to make your first crochet stuffed animal. 

While you eagerly await your greeting card's arrival in the mail - you can start crocheting right away thanks to instant access to the Barbell Bunny crochet pattern.

Crochet the Barbell Bunny to accompany the card for an unforgettable gift that can be made in just a few hours.

The card itself is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any recipient - a friend, a parent, a child, a teacher, or anyone else who would appreciate a kind gesture.

As a bonus, the back of the card features a QR code that grants instant access to the crochet pattern and class, a delightful surprise for the recipient should they wish to try their hand at crocheting this Barbell Bunny themselves! 

The Barbell Bunny Card & Crochet Pattern Set is more than just a gift—it's a unique, hands-on experience that ends in a charming, handcrafted keepsake. It's perfect for any occasion: holiday gift, birthday surprise, token of gratitude, 'thinking about you' gesture, or a special gift for a beloved teacher.

Transform a simple skein of yarn into a delightful, plush Barbell Bunny in just a few hours. This gift is as enjoyable to create as it is to give.

Start crocheting memories today!

Greeting Card Size: 4.25" x5.5" Portrait. Envelope Included. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm A Total Beginner & Have Never Crocheted Before, Is This For Me?

You bet. First, when you get your Barbell Bunny crochet pattern & card you'll also get access to the Enchanted Stitch Academy, our online crochet school for free. This will teach you everything you need to get started with crocheting. You'll also get instant access to the step-by-step pattern for crocheting Barbell Bunny and a FULL video tutorial that will show you everything you need to make Barbell Bunny. This video was filmed with brand new crocheters in mind so don't fear, we'll make sure you'll have a Barbell Bunny crocheted in no time! 

Is There A Video Tutorial For Crocheting Barbell Bunny?

Yes you'll get instant access to a step-by-step video tutorial for crocheting Barbell Bunny so no matter your skill level you'll be able to crochet Barbell Bunny. The video was designed for brand new crocheters. 

Is There A Supply List Included? Will You Tell Me Exactly Which Yarn & Hook To Use?

Yes, after you finish checking out, you'll get instant access to the Barbell Bunny crochet pattern and shopping list. This will tell you exactly which yarn to use, where to get it and several different options. You can order it on Amazon or from a local shop. It will also tell you exactly which crochet hook to use so you'll be off to the races and making your own Barbell Bunny in no time! You can make Barbell Bunny with regular yarn or plush yarn depending on whether you want a mini Barbell Bunny or a larger plush size one :) Have lots of fun playing around with the different yarns and experiment!

Same Pattern - Two Different Types Of Yarn

Who Should I Crochet My Barbell Bunny & Matching Greeting Card For?

Barbell Bunny is a great gift for many people (yourself included) and perfect for celebrating all sorts of occasions. If you're looking for some inspiration for who to make Barbell Bunny for, read some of these heartfelt stories from other members of our community. I can't help but get a huge smile on my face when I read these:  

  • "It will to the guy who delivers my mom's prescription (Ray) He is always so nice and takes the time to have a conversation with her.”
  • “My best friend”
  • “My daughter"
  • "Myself, I love the patterns and the card is a reminder of what I can accomplish even though I'm brand new to crocheting. The video tutorials are so helpful." 
  • “A coworker who could use some cheering up” 
  • “My friend who is teaching me how to crochet.”
  • "My mom"
  • “I bought several for my friends and sister. One card design was for fun, and the other one was to brighten my friend’s day who is going through a tough time.” 
  • “The first one was mine and the second (which came out better) went to my neighbor who watches my cats when I'm away.”
  • “No one yet but I am thinking maybe a random stranger.”
  • “The first one was for me. I wanted to see how it looked. All the others have been birthday gifts for my friends” 
  • “Could be anyone or even a random act of kindness.”
  • “My nephew. A fun thing to show him a way of expressing care and kindness that is proactive not just reactive.”
  • “My neighbor is helping a young girl with us. I help her out by donating my JoAnn rewards certificates ($5 coupon) and picking up things like polyfill for her. She is so appreciative and never expects anything so it’s really a surprise. I believe she can use some crochet goodness in return."
  • “I gave it to a child who just needed to feel like someone cared.” 

Surprise Inside Every Card:

A Limited Edition Crochet Kindness Sticker

While supplies last, each greeting card will have a limited edition crochet kindness sticker inside. Use the sticker included in each card to place on the card, envelope, or gift box. Hide the plushie/card gift set around the house or around town for a loved one or stranger to find. Watch their face light up when they discover a gorgeous greeting card and matching plushie. The recipient can't help but keep and treasure it! These stickers add a bit of fun and surprise to the experience :)